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I’m a software engineer and the “engineer” part means a lot to me.

When I’m not an engineer I am:


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I was born in Barnaul, Russia where graduated from Altai State Technical University as a software engineer (MS, Computer Science) in 2012.

In last studying years (2010-2011) I started working in a startup where was designing and developing a SCADA system for water supply and heating systems. It was a service written in Node.js that communicated with PLCs installed in some facility buildings and displayed all the information from sensors in real-time on the web-interface. The company agreed to let me write my master’s thesis out of this project.

Before and after this job I took 2 internships at Intel which brought me very first experience working at the company that scale.

Next 2 years (2011-2013) I was working as a .NET/C# developer building wide variety of products: a social network for charities, sport-bet gambling software, data warehouse with high-load data processing and composition.

In 2014 I started working at Flamp project which is a part of the large company in Russia called 2GIS. I had this idea to build a framework for isomorphic JavaScript applications with progressive rendering. When I shared this idea with the project’s team they let me build a prototype after which we all decided to proceed with building a brand new version of the web-site using this technology. The framework was published as an open-source project.

In November 2015 I moved to Berlin, Germany for a job at Amazon Web Services, where helped building a UI web-components library and backend platform for AWS consoles which is written in Java.

In January 2017 I started working at Zalando where contributed to the mobile API (Scala, Play) and later joined the Merchant Portal team where I was working on the API gateway for Merchant Operations built in Go (fork of Skipper).

In July 2018 I joined Contiamo to work on the cloud platform for data scientists. The project is written in Go and involves a lot of interaction with Kubernetes and Docker SDKs as well as working with gRPC, REST and Postgres.